Ombre Crutch

A Real Show Stopper! This Glam Sticks Cuff and Plastics Can Be Painted In A Range Of Colours And Then Covered In...

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Karaoke Queen

Show the world your musical credentials with this stunning musically decorated GlamStick, named by a prize winner...

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Flutterbye Crutch

Crutch Flutterbye, Glossy GlamSticks Covered In Bling Diamante Decorated Butterflies! In Black And Now In...

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Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Crutch

Ok,  Not Diamonds But Bling Diamante But It Looks Good All The Same! Black With The Middle And Top Section...

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Chameleon Walking Stick (folding)

Folding stick One That Really Shines!  This Stick Is Covered With Iridescent Bling Stones That Dramatically Catch...

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CatWalk Crutch

Crutch For All Of You Cat Lovers Out There! Diamante Bling And Glitter Cats With Diamante Cats Paws And Swarovski...

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Kaleidoscope Crutch

Crutch A Real Show Stopper! This Glam Stick Can Be Painted In A Range Of Colours And Then Covered In Bling Multi...

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RaRa GlamStick Crutch

Crutch Covered In Approx 2500 Bling Rhinestones. Also Available With Ossenberg Open or Closed Cuff Crutches....

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Double Helenix Walking Stick

Two Colour Combination Helix Of  Bling Rhinestones, Matching Ferrule Choice Of Ergo Or Non Ergo Handle Also...

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Baby Pink Ferrule

Baby Pink  ferrule to fit GlamSticks products apart from the cane - Out of Stock Postage...

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