Black Darby handle stick with Black swarovski design

Wow, what can I say about Glamsticks? Sharon is amazing, the service is the best I've ever received, and I have a new funky Glamstick as per the photo above to help me get about without falling over and still looking glam. Needing a walking stick at 37 is not cool but when you have a Glamstick it makes it so much cooler. Thank you Sharon for all your help. Would recommend you guys to the moon and back xx

Purple stick with lime green flowers

Thank you soooo much for my amazing stick its everything I wanted and more, your work is fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can't thank you enough your an amazing talented lady, can't wait to show it off at the wedding it's absolutely fantastic and will be the first of many :0) big hugs xxxxxx  - Paula

"Oh it's arrived in time for my birthday on Monday!  Thank you so much it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, FANTABULOUS!!!  and now I can be me completely!" - Amanda

Am definitely going to order another one soon! Will email soon with details.

"hi Sharon missed the post yesterday morning as had hospital appt had to wait until this evening for husband to collect it on way home from work but it was well worth the wait it is fabulous ,amzing and so sparkly pictures do not do it justice can't wait to show it off at the wedding thank you so much for getting it to me in time I will reccomend you to others and defintely buy from you again ,good luck in your new business thank you again.    marcia mulcahy"

"Hi Sharon x im loving my New Fairy Stick 🙂 its a real eye catcher, I have had several people ask me where it was from. I have given them your details .. Thanks once again ♥  you have done an amazing job 🙂 xx" - Yvonne Piper - Collins

"Sharon waiting for the arrival of my stick was awful... It was like being 6 and waiting for father Christmas and he takes forever to come... Once my stick arrived I was over the moon.. I was so excited i could have cried.. Its prefect in every way".. Xx

This is to tell you I now have the sparkly walking stick that my daughter Melissa ordered for me and I absolutely love it.  If I have to have MS I may as well do it in style!  I will pass your cards on to admiring people whenever I can and rest assured I will promote your sticks and crutches and drum as much trade as possible for you.  Thanks again and expect another order near Christmas.

Hi Sharon. Thanks so much for Mum's Sparklestick. It's fab! So pretty and perfect for evenings out. Thanks for your hard work.

hi sharon, just wanted to let you know my crutches have arrived safe n sound, and wow they are gorgeous, thank you so much, will be in touch again soon for some more. then i can have different ones for different outfits lol. they are brilliant thank you once again, and i'm recommending you to people aswell. luvs to u xx - Jacqui

Massive thank you to Sharon for two amazing glamsticks, blooming lovely, big hugs and kisses.......xx Arrived safe.....Sherrie


"Your products are original & totally wicked, my wife needs to use a stick & was always conscious of how plain they were...that was until we came across Glamsticks.  She is starting to build up quite a collection & she loves to mix & match depending on her outfit for that day.  She also has a special Swarovski crystal stick, which is for those nights out. You are extremely talented & deserve all the publicity you can get...Thank you so much xxx" - Darren

Have to add that the Customer Service Debbie gives is second to none, friendly, prompt... and the sticks are made and delivered very fast considering the time it takes her to make." -  Sam


"Hi,  I received my sparkle cane today.  Its totally fantastic! Well done you!  I will defo be in touch for more.  Thankyou so much!" - Lisa x


"Hi there... Well it arrived this morning, just stunning, thank you soooooo much.  I shall feel very glam now.  Size is also just right, thank you.....keep in touch ! xx" - Sherrie


"I have the stick, it  is lovely. I will be recommending you to others,so once again thankyou. wishing you well!" - Jen


"My GlamStick is gorgeous, pink with sparkly butterflies on it.  I have had so many comments about it, nobody is interested in why I use a stick just where can they get one!" - June

Sturdy Sparkle

"Glamstick arrived and it is absolutely fabulous, everyone who has seen it says it is brill and an ideal gift for our friend.  Can't wait to give it to her!" - Emma


"Hey! Hoping you are as well as can be darling, just thought I'd send you a pic of me and the gorgeous glam stick you made for me, this was just before rocking it out at Download Festival, Donnington last week 🙂  Yes the stick made it fine through the mud and rocky walkways, and is looking just as good as ever!! hehe Lots of compliments on it, so thank you!! 🙂  Sending you the biggest hug! " - Laura xx

Pret Aller

"Hi,  I hope things are well.  I got the stick today, it is gorgeous I love it. Thank you! Now i can move around freely for my holiday. 😀 thank you again!" - Ellen

Chameleon Crutches

Hi, I just picked up my glamsticks - I love them! I've bought many custom crutches over the years, but none as special as these, thank-you! I generally avoid going any where it'll have people as I can't bear stares and comments about my foot (I cant wear any sock or shoe ever because of my condition) but I love that my new sticks with give something better to look at!! thank you again. I'm looking forward to buying more in the future" - Sarah

Pret Aller

"I got my new Pret Aller walking stick this week and I LOVE it! It's perfect and makes me feel good. Thank you!" - Penny

Glitterwings and Pret Aller

"Hi, I would love to say I received my sticks on Tuesday, and I LOVE THEM LOVE THEM! They are better than I could have imagined ... thank you so much, when I figuire out how to download a photo I will send you one. THANK YOU THANK YOU you have made a 55 year old very happy!" - Sheena

Pink Glitterwings

"My lovely new GlamStick has just arrived. It is so gorgeous, pink with butterflies, all sparkly. I am expecting a lot of comments when I go out with this little beauty. Thank you Debbie. Going to a birthday lunch Sunday so it will have it's first outing then, will get Griff to take photos" - June (Cardiff)

Customised Sight-impaired cane

"It’s just how I imagined it to be. I received my GlamStick this morning and I am very pleased with the quality of the finished design. It’s turned out very well. Thank you so very much. I was also very impressed with the ribbon and little badge and sweeties; it was a very nice touch! I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future when I want another design doing. It is great being able to create my own design. I’m sure I will be sending you another in the future. I really love it" - Louise


"Wow!!!!!! My stick has arrived and it’s just amazing! Thank you so much, I’m so pleased with the design Lyn has chosen - “the girl has done good”! I'm so very pleased to count myself as one of the GlamStick girls" - Ann (Manchester)


"I just got my Glam Stick and I love it!!  You are so talented, thank you so much! I have had so many compliments on how good it looks and I've only been out for an hour 🙂  One chap even stopped me and said that people who don't need sticks would be buying this as it looks so cool!  From start to finish you have been so helpful and approachable, which made the decision to buy so much more easier! Also love the way that this arrived packaged it really made my day!

The crutch itself is very stylish, light and so comfy to use! What more could a lady ask for 🙂

Will be singing your praises for a long time to come, you've helped me want to leave the house again with this crutch that no longer cramps my style!"

Thank you so much!" - Laura (Londonderry)

PS sorry for all the exclamation marks, I'm just so happy with my new crutch!!

Pink Helenix

"I have received my fantastic new stick today and couldn't wait to go out and show it off.  I am so pleased with it, I feel like my old self again and it will brighten up every outfit.   Can't begin to tell you what a difference it will make to me.

Thank you so much" - Karen (Shropshire)


"Hi,  I picked up my Glamstick on my return from Tenerife.  It is beautiful and I wish I had ordered one 6 months ago!!  I am delighted with it and it doesn't make that irritating 'clicking' noise either. Thank you so much :)" - Bende  (Aberdeen)

Sturdy SparkleStick

"Hi, I received my new stick this morning and I’m delighted, thank you!  It’s beautifully done, lovely finish.  I’m really chuffed with it, couldn’t be happier, worth every penny!  Will be telling anyone who comments on my new stick where to get one.  Many thanks!" - Lynn (Glasgow)

Pink Sturdy GlamStick

"Hi, my beautiful glamstick arrived first thing this morning and........... I LOVE IT.  I can't wait to take it out and get the admiring glances. That'll be so much better then the looks of pity i get with my grey NHS stick.  In fact I love it so much I'm saving to get another (I have my eye on the studded one with the silver hand grip) I can't thank you enough. You are an absolute angel. As someone in their mid thirties, with two small children. I was a fun loving, active woman until an epidural severed a nerve in my back.  I'll be disabled for life now.... But because of you that doesn't mean I have to feel down and look dull.  I can now strut my stuff with pride 😀 .  Looking forward to getting the other stick I want from you.  Thank you sooooooo much" - Susan (Liverpool)

Folding Sparklestick

"Just received my beautiful Glam Stick - I love it and it almost makes it worthwhile being diagnosed with ME/CFS - when pain strikes at least I will have a gorgeous stick full of lots of colour to make me smile. Fantastic!" - Debbie (Basingstoke)


"Just to let you know I have received my new Glamstick today.  Really pleased with it thank you very Glam, as the name suggests.  Should look fab with my Dress. Will let you know how it all goes and send you a photo. Many thanks again for all your hard work. Take Care. Best wishes" - Lisa

Folding Sparklestick

"A rave review of my Glam Stick - I enjoy taking it out with me as it's so comfortable to use and looks so good. Wherever I go people ask about it (out shopping, on trains, in pubs, restaurants). I love it! Thank you for making such a fab accessory !" - Katherine (Lancashire)


"I received my glamstick today and I must say, it is wonderful! It is the first time I have had one to aid my mobility as a sufferer of ME and it has taken me time to adjust to the idea however I will be proud to be seen with it ;-). I would like to add that it was such a sweet touch to include the little bag and wrap everything using the stickers. It all, including the stick, shows such care and attention. Thank you xxx" - Louise (Norfolk)

Black Sparklestick

"My black sparkly glamStick has arrived , and I am so pleased with it . Like someone else said to you it makes me feel a lot younger using something so nice, and not the usual NHS ones or flowery fold up canes that most people have. I am sure you will have many enquiries after I go out showing it off. Thank you for your friendly and prompt service!" - Alison (Fife)

Bespoke design

"Wow! Crutches are just perfect!

You can obviously read minds because you designed my crutches exactly how I imagined (and better) even though I was not very good at explaining what I wanted. I can tell a lot of care and attention has gone into the design as if they were going to be your own. There is just the right amound of glitter and rhinestones to make them sparkle!

The delivery of my crutches was exciting too! Not only were they wrapped to avoid damage, the extra touches make them extra special from the flower labels to the bows to the love hearts!

I really am looking forward to putting away my grey NHS crutches and going on my first outing with my new red ones. Thank you once again - and of course, I will be recommending Glamsticks!" - Hazel (Kent)


"Hi, my new Glamstick arrived safely and I could not be happier. It is stunning and I really want to go out and show it off as soon as possible. It is the first stick I have owned that is not just functional but beautiful. Thank you so much and now I cant wait to pick the next one. Pictures of me showing it off to follow as soon as poss! Best Wishes" - Sue (Sussex)


"My gorgeous Glamsticks have arrived. My Mum was here when I unwrapped them and they are STUNNING! I simply can't wait to go out tomorrow night looking & feeling special, with Glamsticks to match my outfit! I'm saving up for more...... Every girl who needs crutches or sticks NEEDS Glamsticks! Thank you so much. Your attention to detail during service as well as after has been faultless. Many thanks once again!" - Lorraine (Lancashire)


"I've received my crutch, thank you!  Am very impressed, it's going to look brill when I go out instead of my usual gun metal grey one.  Thanks for the quick service!" - Francesca (Huddersfield)


"After receiving my GlamStick today I took it out to a school event.  For the first time in several years I had a stick with me and recieved glances and looks of respect, not sympathy!

I felt so proud to have a beautiful accessory and felt the necessity of having a crutch was hidden.

I am so pleased to have it and am sure to buy more in the future to match other occasions. (For now i have the helenix to ease me into the glamstick way of life)

I do hope you will start to feel stronger soon but please remember you are helping many peoples' confidence, and able people are changing their attitudes when they see someone with a GlamStick!

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!" - Kate (Norfolk)

Chameleon Crutch

"Brilliant masterpiece of art!  I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!"  - Tobias (Germany)

Sturdy Sparklestick

"I just got my glamstick today and had to say it is fantastic!  I won't feel older than I actually am when I use this one.  It is very well made and your customer service is second to none. Thank you for the glamstick and big smile I got upon opening it"  - Victoria (Kent)

Sturdy SparkleStick

"I’ve had lots of admiring comments while out and about with my stick, so I have told them about your site! Thanks again, Debbie – I’m sure you’ll hear from me again, as summer is coming in now and I’ll maybe need a brighter colour ; ) "  - Sarah (Fife)

Dog-Paws Folding Stick

"Hi, my stick came today! I LOVEEEEEEEE IT SOOOO MUCH! Many, many thanks!"  - Wends (Hampshire)


"OMG such light-speed delivery!  Gorgeous GlamStick - you are so talented!  Love it! A++++"  - Joanne (Cheshire) (via ebay)

Chameleon Folding Sparklestick

"I have received my Glamstick - thank you so much!!  I absolutely love it - it's been out for its first outing today :-).  Thanks also for the prompt service! I'll certainly be showing it off and recommending your business to friends.  Thanks also for the cards and keyring - very handy! Love Hearts very much appreciated too :-)"  - Sarah (Fife)


"Just to say a big thanks for your fantastic service and for the fabulous glamstick  you created for me!  Exactly as described and beautifully done!  Thanks so much! " - Amanda (Berkshire)


"Thank you sooooo much - The beautiful walking canes arrived yesterday - They are beautiful!!!!!! You are amazing - What a great gift.  Thank you so much for making it happen!!!!!!    Have a Lovely Holiday!!! " - Angela (Florida, USA)


"Just received the Glamstick and my wife, the proud new owner, is more than delighted. We will certainly be using your company again as my wife uses her stick every day. Thanks once again for a fantastic service." - Matt (Falkirk)


"'A little gift to myself! When things are tough and you are watching the pennies, how about treating yourself to a bit of Sex and the City style glamour?!

Just because I have a problem getting around, it doesn't mean I have to use dull accessories to go with my clothes. Sometimes I crave a bit of sparkle and fizz, so recently in the midst of a dreary patch of grey weather, I went online and ordered a Glamstick.

I did have a huge problem with the website - I wanted all of the featured sticks and had terrible trouble narrowing it down to one! Fortunately, Debbie was on hand by email to help me decide.

At last, the hotly anticipated delivery arrived, carefully packaged. Inside a glorious confection of purple butterflies and glitter, swirling around the whole length of the stick. It is very deeply chic, and a real work of art. To add to all that, Swarovski crystals catch the light as I move, gracefully distracting from my uneven progress.

That is definitely the cheapest way to lift a person's spirits - one carefully chosen accessory tones with all my many pink and purple items and makes me look pulled together, not flung. Compliments and conversations with strangers flow -

Go on, you know it makes sense - bring a littlle glamour to your life!" - Jacky (London)


"I love my collection of Glamsticks, with my 2 new ones i now have 4 so far.All such pretty and different colours, having such a choice i can now match them with my outfits.Now i have Glamsticks i no longer feel embarressed using a walking Aid.  Thanks so much" - Linda (Hampshire)



"Having just purchased a walking stick from Glamsticks, I must say a huge thank you!  A fabulous idea and a unique gift - I chose purple with beautiful diamond butterflies that sparkle as you walk.  Be prepared to be noticed!!  You were incredibly helpful, ensuring the present arrived in time for Grandma's birthday. - Tell all your friends!  Thank you Glamsticks!! " - Rachel (Sussex)



"Hi, I recieved my flutterbye crutch today and I just wanted to thank you, it's absolutely gorgeous! I've got my granddaughter's Christening on Sunday and I'm going to feel so much better not having to use my old grey one. Hope you are well and thanks again!" - Diane (Slough)


Rosy Bear

"Hi, I love my Rosy stick so much, it's just perfect! My mates think it's cool! Thank you again, it's fab" - Rosy (Eltham, London)



"Just to let you know that i received my Glamsticks today. I am absolutely thrilled with them, they are so gorgeous and even more beautiful than they look in the pictures.GlitterWings is so stunning, the colours really sparkled in the sun and I loved showing it off when I went into town, it feels and looks more like a fashion accessory.My SparkleStick is simply gorgous too, I just wanted to use them both, I can't wait to show all my friends.My 18 year Daughter thought they were Hot and that I looked very cool.So thank you so much, having such beautiful sticks to use is a real boost to my self esteem" - Linda (Hampshire)


Diamante GlamStick

"Hi, thanks for my lovely Diamante GlamStick - it looks fabulous.  At least now when I go out with my girlfriends I won't feel so boring and unsexy now that I have my GlamStick to show off - that's far better than any high heels!!! I'm really looking forward to using it for the first time, when I go to my 25yr school reunion.  Thanks again!" - Jo (Norwich)

Flutterbye handbag

"Glamsticks, than you so much for the handbag, it's beautiful.  I love the hidden butterfly too and the little butterfly keyring, such lovely touches!  As for the free gift - how did you know I'd be wearing those colours today?!  The parcel arrived so quickly too, I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow, so a nice surprise!  Once again, thank you" - Cathy (Highlands)

Goth handbag

"It arrived today...thank you!  Love it!  Looks even better in the "flesh" than in the photo!!  Good size too for all my stuff :-)" - Kelly (Devon)

Hand-painted DragonStick

"My Dad is overjoyed and is so pleased with the dragons!  My Mum is already saying that she'll have to decide which stick to order as she doesn't want to use her walking pole if no-one else in the family is going to anymore!  Thank you so much for the work you put into this one, it more than paid off - it's fabulous!" - Nici (Northumberland)

Flag Stick

"I just wanted to let you know that the Devon GlamStick arrived safely and it is absolutely lovely.  It looks very smart and I can't wait to try it out - it will be interesting to see just how many people down here recognise their own flag!" - Nikky (Devon)

Kaleidoscope Crutch

"Thank you for the beautful kaleidoscope crutch, we received it today.  It far out-stripped our expectations and was the focus of my friends at school, who all thought it was lush!  The bright red colour was really striking and the colourful gems contrasted well.  The crutch is kept for best and special occasions.  I'm accessorising my outfit to suit for my crutch for Mother's Day dinner!  I now have two beautiful crutches to thank you for; thank you very much!" - Jane (Gwent)


"As a young(ish) disabled, alternative woman in desperate need of a self-esteem boost, the service that Debbie provides has helped enormously!  I can view my EMOstick as a cool accessory that's an extension of my personality, not a drab grey reminder that I'm no longer able to do the things that I used to do.  Debbie: thank you so much for not only providing a great service from start to finish (my beautifully made stick took under a week from commission to arrival!) but also for enabling those of us who have mobility problems to feel positive about who we are!  The only "downside" is that I can see myself wanting different ones for all occassions!  I will definitely be commissioning another GlamStick!" - Tara (Devon)

Elise (children's crutches)

"Ab fab! She loves them! Some girls in school saw them and were crooning over them, so I told them about you and they were really impressed.  So even though they were lucky enough not to need them they thought that they were really cool" - Jane (South Wales)


"My stick arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn't ask for more!" - Nicola (Northumberland)

Flutterbye handbag

"Thank you so much for the handbag, it's beautiful.  I love the hidden butterfly too, and the little butterfly key ring - such lovely touches!  And as for the little free gift, how did you know I would be wearing those colours today?!  Once again, thank you!" - Cathy (Highlands)


"Thanks,  for the stick - the colours are lovely!  I'm off to London tomorrow, proudly using it!" - Veritee, Helston

"My beautiful GlamStick arrived today.  I am so pleased with it.  Thank you for all your hard work - you are very talented!"

"GlamStick arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful - just what I need for my cruise!  I have always hated putting on a cocktail dress only for the effect to be ruined by a clumpy black stick." - Nikki (Devon)

"Thank you so much for my stick, I love it!  Can't wait to take it for a test drive! Excellent service and communication - I'll be sending you some customers!  Thank you once again!" - Veronica (Birmingham)

"Thank you for the wonderful SparkleStick ... the workmanship is excellent and I have to say that we are so very impressed with your customer service.  I was overjoyed to have found your site because as a fellow sufferer of fibromyalgia at 44 I was fed up with having a stick and even more so the awful black thing that I had ... now I can step out in style and have wonderful comments from everyone when I am out.  Keep doing what you are doing Debbie, you are bringing a little sparkle back into lives that could really do with some!!" - Ruth (Essex)

"Hi, just wanted to say a big "thank you" to you for getting my GlamStick done so quickly.  The colour really matches my dress, and I will post a picture on Facebook after the wedding!" - Anna (North Yorkshire)

"I would like to say "thank you!" for my beautiful multi-coloured GlamStick!  It's lovely.  I love colour and sparkly things, so it's definitely me!  I highly recommend anyone who loves the idea of a colourful walking stick instead of the boring plain stick to give Debbie your order now!  You won't regret it! Many thanks!" - Suzanne (Essex)

"It arrived this morning and it is beautiful thank you!  I am very pleased with it!  It is lovely to have a walking aid that is so unusual and glamourous!  I will treasure it forever!"  - Caroline

"It's hard enough to wrap your head around having to use a walking aid in your early 20s let alone the realisation is a colour choice is usually between two shades of grey.  I was thrilled to stumble across GlamSticks where it took me hours to decide which GlamStick to go for, as there were so many beautiful ones to choose from.  I absolutely love the sparkly walking stick I picked; it's so well made and must have taken absolutely hours to stick on all the gems and glitter.  It's also survived my clumisness and heavy rain which is great!  I constantly get stopped in the street by people complimenting the stick and asking me where I bought it.  I'll have sto start saving to buy a stick for every outfit!" - Jade (Colchester)


"My Glam crutches arrived today and they are great!  I think they are really well finished and look forward to using them for the first time!  And they are the perfect height - thank you so much!" - Cathy (Thurso)

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

"Hi, I got my crutches today and 'wow' I can't believe how fantastic they are!!! They are so professionally finished and I absolutely love them!  I can't wait to go out in them!  I'm ringing all my friends to say 'let's go out' and I never go out!  You're so talented - you should go on Dragon's Den!  Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly, I appreciate it.  I'm going to save up for some more.  I wish you'd been about when I was a teenager!" - Tilda (Lancashire)

Buttons and Spoons

"Hi, thanks so much, I've received it and it's fabulous!  I bought it for my sister for her wedding anniversary as a surprise, and gave it to her yesterday, and she absolutely loves it!  I think she is going to send you an email soon.  She said it's so nice she actually wants to use her crutch, which is fantastic as she needs it.  Thanks again!" - Emma

Amethyst (child's crutch)

"The GlamStick arrived about 4pm this afternoon and Lydia is absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you very much; she will be showing it off at school tomorrow...just had to go upstairs and remove the crutch....she had taken it to bed with her.....I think she's pleased lol!" - Caroline

Mama Mia in Pink

"The crutch is lovely ... I was so glad to see Jane's face when she saw it.  It was hot pink and glittery.  Exactly a princess type that I wanted for her. Her friends also thought it was 'lush'; I know now that she will feel less conscious when she's out with her friends. Your service was second to none and I will definitely be ordering more in the future! I will send a few ideas and hope they will be of use to you.  Thank you for your time and care." - Jane (Gwent)


"I used my 'Glam Stick' for the first time on Saturday and got very admiring glances. The lady at the check-out thought that it was beautiful 🙂 And it is so comfortable to use - really light and excellent quality!!!" - Helen

SparkleStick (customised for the vision-impaired)

"The cane is great! Took it out last weekend for a meal and a few drinks and it looked very cool with my outfit. It survived being bashed about when I was walking thanks to the clear rubber on the bottom which protects the detail." - Beth

PomPom Stick

"Thank you so much for the Glamstick. I am really pleased with it. It has cheered me up and made my day. My daughter, who is not easily pleased, also thinks it's great.  Once again many thanks."  Helen (Romford)

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